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Best dictionaries

50 Greatest paintings(G)   English monarchs(G)   Flags of Europe(G)   Famous classical music(G)   Hollywood famous actors(G)   The Presidents of the USA(G)   Trigonometry(G)   


Capitals of Europe   Flags of Europe(G)   Capitals of Canadian provinces   Capitals of South and Central America   Geographic terms   Landforms   State abbreviations   US States and Capitals   


English monarchs(G)   Greek mythological figures   Timeline of English Monarchs   The Presidents of the USA(G)   Timeline of Finnish Monarchs   Timeline of Russian Emperors   


Geometry_objects 3d(G)   Multiplication table (to 10)   Multiplication table(to 20)   Greek Alphabet   The Fundamental Trigonometric Identities   Trigonometry(G)   Types of triangles   

French language

Adverbial expressions   Body parts   Numbers   Idiomatic Expressions   Irregular Verbs   Top 100 French words   Animals   Transition words   French geography terms   

German language

Adverbs   TechEnglish-German Unit 2   Clothes   Irregular verbs 1   Conjunctions   Irregular verbs 2   Days of the Week   Irregular verbs 3   Quickly Important Words 1   Numbers   Quickly Important Words 2   Prepositions   Quickly Important Words 3   Transitions   Work and school   Articles   German animals   Weather   Most Common Verbs   TechEnglish-German Unit 1   TechEnglish-German Unit 10   TechEnglish-German Unit 11   TechEnglish-German Unit 12   TechEnglish-German Unit 3   TechEnglish-German Unit 4   TechEnglish-German Unit 5   TechEnglish-German Unit 6   TechEnglish-German Unit 7   TechEnglish-German Unit 8   TechEnglish-German Unit 9   

Italian language

Attitudes and emotions   Food   Important irregular verbs   

Greek language

Common prefixes and suffixes   Modern irregular verbs   Prepositions   

Thai language

100 words   Colors   Days of the week   Flavors   Greetings   Most common words   Prepositions   Thai for Beginners I   Thai for Beginners II   Months of the year   

Spanish language

Adjectives to describe people   100 most common verbs   Food   Spanish Phrases   Spanish alphabet(G)   Spanish idioms   Spanish Idioms II   

English language

List of Manhattan GMAT idioms   Newspaper headlines   

Russian language

Most used russian words with english translation   Russian aplhabet   


Amino acids(G)   


Basic tempo markings   Basic guitar chords(G)   Famous classical music(G)   Musical instruments(G)   Tempo. Common qualifiers   


Common polyatomic ions   Common polyatomic ions   Monotomic Ions - Cations   Chemical elements   Negative Ions   Polyatomic Ions   Positive Ions   


Common prefixes   Common suffixes   

Various dictionaries

50 Greatest paintings(G)   Azerbaijani alphabet(G)   10 must-see sights in Egypet(G)   Books and writers   Q codes. Answers   Country and currency I   Q codes. Questions   Inventors   Suomi road signs(G)   Country and currency II   Flowers(G)   Hollywood famous actors(G)   Morse Code   Morse code abbreviations   Zodiac symbols(G)   

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